Tattoos by Zack Kinsey
Lauren's inner armLauren's armAnnie's inner armBobby's crossKozy's headLauren's skullBrian's statue of libertyAaron's legJoel's octopusDrew's darumaBobby's anchor, rose, and ship wheelMano's shipBrian's Minnesota sleeveJosh's backScott's owlKiki's Marie Antoinette Scott's Klimt 3/4 sleeveMark's schnoodleRachel's armsLokiRachel's backKathryn's roosterJohnny's shi shiKelly's footIvy's owlPeace roseTanner's reaper rib panel and octopus sleeveKathryn's sword of FudoKathryn's dragon and butterfliesKathryn's snake and daggerTodd's shins
Chakra skeletonAmy Lee's skeletonsKen's dragon 3/4 sleeve and chest capNate's owlPeter's Princess LeiaRob's doradoAdam's bacon cheeseburger (with onions) - Pushead homagePeter's "Si-3-PO"Nouveau peacockScott's dead roseScott's live roseAdam's inner arm scriptJames' Minneapolis horseshoeStacy's ship and lighthouse Eric's sugar skullC-Gull's snakeKathryn's doll and cat sleeveTodd's blurry daggerChantal's wintery cherry blossomsBarry's tigerLetta's zinniasNate's eagle and shieldKathryn's flower and wind sleeveBen's Archangel Michael 1/2 sleeveJon's surrealism and music sleeveAdam's heart and daggersAdam's skull and crossbonesAngel skeletonDave's wave, sunset and sailboat 1/2 sleeveHaley's pitcher plantsJames' chestpiece of winged hands forming a heartJesse's Bob Marley
I enjoy doing a few different styles of tattooing, whether it's fine line black and grey, bold traditional, religious, Asian influenced, etc... If you tell me your idea and I think I can do it well, I will do my best to exceed your expectations.
All tattoos on this page are custom, one of a kind pieces unless otherwise noted.

~Zack Kinsey