Tattoos by Zack Kinsey
Lauren's inner armLauren's armAnnie's inner armBobby's crossBrian's statue of libertyJoel's octopusDrew's darumaBobby's anchor, rose, and ship wheelMano's shipJosh's backCaitlin's ladyScott's owlKiki's Marie Antoinette Scott's Klimt 3/4 sleeveRachel's armsJohnny's shi shiKelly's footKathryn's sword of FudoKathryn's snake and daggerTodd's shins
Amy Lee's skeletonsRob's doradoAdam's bacon cheeseburger (with onions) - Pushead homagePeter's "Si-3-PO"Nouveau peacockAdam's inner arm scriptJames' Minneapolis horseshoeStacy's ship and lighthouse C-Gull's snakeTodd's blurry daggerLetta's zinniasJon's surrealism and music sleeveHaley's pitcher plantsJames' chestpiece of winged hands forming a heart
I enjoy doing a few different styles of tattooing, whether it's fine line black and grey, bold traditional, religious, Asian influenced, etc... If you tell me your idea and I think I can do it well, I will do my best to exceed your expectations.
All tattoos on this page are custom, one of a kind pieces unless otherwise noted.

~Zack Kinsey